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Urban Park, Marvila

PROJECT: Urban Park of Quinta do Marquês de Abrantes

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

CLIENT: Public tender

PROGRAM: Transformation of urban space in Marvila


DATE: 2020

AUTHORSHIP: Amália Souto de Miranda - Loci Studio


The proposal reflects the importance of making this park not only a structure of ecological continuity, but also a qualified urban point, of confluence of resident population and train users, and also for crossing the line. With all the facilities that this implies.

This is based on simple and fluid lines, with some more worked details in terms of materials and vegetation creating a nice and fluid set. Generally taking advantage of the existing topography as well as the views and characteristics of the surroundings.

The configuration of the Park allows the creation of several scenarios that together form a renewed landscape, where the freedom of the meadows, the borders, the trees, the clearings, the orchard, the terraces and squares with different scales.


An ecological park, an urban centrality, a community space.

eco corridor.jpg

Transverse connections are extremely important in the establishment of a network of ecological corridors. This Park is an important cross-section of the eastern green corridor in the city of Lisbon. Thus, the continuity of green spaces, modes of

smooth mobility and public spaces for recreation and enjoyment. Effectively connecting the parish of Marvila to the river and a metropolitan Lisbon.

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