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Urban Park, Marvila

PROJECT: Urban Park of Quinta do Marquês de Abrantes

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

CLIENT: Public tender

PROGRAM: Transformation of urban space in Marvila


DATE: 2020

AUTHORSHIP: Amália Souto de Miranda - Loci Studio


Based on natural and cultural systems, the Genius Loci of the city of Lisbon and inspired by the Lisbon Green Plan proposed by Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles, the proposal reflects the current problems of ecology and mobility in the city, proposing a new green corridor for the city in relation with existing corridors.

Afforestation, permeability, continuity and mobility are strong points of the proposal, which aimed to increase the quality of life of citizens and sustainability, among others by reducing the heat island effect through afforestation along the axis.

Third prize of the Urban Garden Award '22, organized by if - ideas forward, with the theme: Urban Sustainability Corridor - from port to the airport.


One of the ideas consisted of reformulating the space at Alameda Afonso Henriques, in line with current ecological principles and space use. Keeping your axis strong and reinforcing symmetry. There will be more shade, better water management, attracting more biodiversity and spaces for all ages and types of activities.

A more ecological recreation and leisure place with diverse uses.


An ecological park, an urban centrality, a community space.


Transverse connections are extremely important in the establishment of a network of ecological corridors. This Park is an important cross-section of the eastern green corridor in the city of Lisbon. Thus, the continuity of green spaces, modes of

smooth mobility and public spaces for recreation and enjoyment. Effectively connecting the parish of Marvila to the river and a metropolitan Lisbon.


Avenida Almirante Reis


On Avenida Almirante Reis, the removal of the very narrow tree-lined central axis and the parking lot frees up around 6 meters of the street profile. Parking will be done in car silos with strategically placed green facades, one of the principles referred to in the Lisbon Green Plan.

The profile of the street will now include, in some sections, a tree-lined axis on each side (only interrupted for loading and unloading) and a cycle path on each side at a lower level, also ensuring the comfort and safety of pedestrians. Whenever possible, sidewalks should be increased.

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