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Tudo Sobre Jardins 2024 Magazine Yearbook

Amália Souto de Miranda from LociStudio was interviewed for the Revista Tudo Sobre Jardins 2024 yearbook, where she talks about her international experience, the work already developed in Portugal and some ongoing projects. 

all about gardens

Lá fora, cá dentro

Weekly podcast on topics related to the territory, architecture, environment and landscape. An initiative by Amália Souto de Miranda and Duarte Natário that already has more than 10 episodes of interviews with distinguished guests.
To listen, click here


Articles about gardens and green spaces on the SAGIPER blog

Monthly article on the Sagiper blog, on topics such as gardens, plants, maintenance, materials, etc ...

Some here:

Panoramica 2.JPG

Arquitetura Entre Vistas

Arquitetura Entre Vistas is the new public space for the architecture debate. Amália Souto de Miranda from Loci Studio was interviewed by Architect Ana Catarina Silva. A good conversation about landscape architecture and our work. To listen, click here ,


Parque Urbano Marvila Competition - 4th place

We coordinated the proposal for the SRU competition: Urban Park of Quinta do Marquês de Abrantes. We were in fourth place.

garden design process.jpg

Largo 5 de Outubro Competition, Oeiras - 4th place

We participated in the Competition for Largo 5 de Outubro, in Oeiras. Our proposal came in 4th place.

work in progress garden design.jpg
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