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With more than 10 years of experience in different European studios, Loci Studio is a landscape architecture studio in Portugal.

We develop projects with strong concepts, focused on the place, vegetation and materials. From the landscape scale to the detail scale, being involved in our projects from the first sketch to implementation.

We develop collaborations and partnerships with other professionals such as architects, engineers, gardeners, nurseries, among others…


The scope of our work:


  • Private and institutional gardens, culture, arts and health spaces;

  • Gardens for charming tourist properties;

  • Planting design;

  • Project review;

Loci Studio was founded in 2018 by Amália Souto de Miranda, who is Landscape Architect principal and manager.

Discover our history and what moves us below.

garden majorelle Amalia


We are obsessed with the outdoors, gardens, and plants!

After more than 10 years of international landscape architectural experience in renowned offices such as VOGT Switzerland, I founded LociStudio in Portugal. Living and working abroad in cities such as Rotterdam, Berlin, Zurich, and Geneva, I became truly aware of the importance of the genius of a place, its added value in being site-specific, and how much Portugal, with beautiful natural landscapes and great outdoor living conditions, still has a lot to improve when it comes to its garden and landscaping scene.

My mother is a botanist, and I used to go with her on site visits to natural landscapes and garden parks such as Serralves, so my love of plants and ear for latin names started at an early age.

That’s one of the reasons why planting design is one of our strengths, we love working with plants.

We have a long-lasting relation with our clients and when a garden is built is just the beginning of a story...

By delivering our projects, following them from the first sketch to implementation and then also doing a follow-up over the years, we want people to make the most of their outdoors, and appreciate life out there in a distinctive way.


Be it because you need more privacy, you want to improve the indoor-outdoor relation, you need help with the plant choice, or to tackle topography levels, or simply to enjoy the garden of your dreams, we are here for you.

Amália Souto de Miranda

founder and landscape architect

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