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Vila Júlia

PROJECT: Vila Júlia (Licensing)

LOCATION: Estoril, Portugal
CLIENT: Private

PROGRAM: Private garden on two levels, with swimming pool. Licensing of Landscape Architecture at Cascais Town Hall

AREA - 400 m2


DATE 2019

AUTHORSHIP: Amália Souto de Miranda - Loci Studio
ARCHITECTURE: ARX Architects; Arch. Nuno Nascimento

The house, designed by the architect Ventura Terra, will be the target of recovery, maintaining its characteristic features, so it was intended that the exterior had a contemporary style.
The landscape architecture project for had as main objectives the creation of pleasant leisure spaces and the work of the topography creating patios, and glades, with paths at different levels providing dynamic views, light and shade.
Contemporary design in harmony with the historic Chalet. A 15m long swimming pool and an outdoor seating and fire pit were also proposed.


Image of the upper floor patio, before the project.

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